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"Eighty percent of success is
showing up."

Woody Allen

Bear Creek Attendance FAQ's

80% of dropouts were chronically
truant in the year.

Dance Policy

Students with poor attendance cannot attend school dances.

70% of suspended youth are chronically
truant in the previous 6 months.

Dropout Prevention and Recovery

Dropout information and strategies from Jeffco Schools.

97% of expelled youth are chronically
truant in the previous year

Parent Portal

The Campus Parent Portal provides parents access to their student's grades, high school class schedules and attendance information.

Truants are 2 to 8 times more likely to become
adjudicated delinquents.

Jefferson County Public Schools Code of Conduct 2013-2014

District attendance policies including tardies, absences and truancy are outlined in these documents.  Please read them carefully.

Truants aged 12-15 are 10-15 times more likely to start
marijuana use compared to non-truant youth.